Trade overview for October. Profit – $ 610.

October was not a boring month. I mean news feed posts. The most discussed topic, perhaps, was Brexit. Will they come out, will they not come out? Market participants and experts tried to predict the answer to this question. Today is November, and the UK is still “in the doorway.” Brexit has been pushed back to another date. Now it’s January 31st.

The second most popular news feed topic is the United States and China. Some progress seems to have been made here. Since it is currently not possible to conclude a full-fledged deal on trade issues, Washington and Beijing decided to go towards this goal in stages. And as both sides of the negotiation process stated, the first part of the agreement is practically ready. It remains only for the heads of state to meet and sign the corresponding document.

The Fed meeting at the end of the month was not a source of unexpected news. The American regulator lowered the rate again, as predicted by most analysts.  

Well, the rest of the news in October was mainly related to statistics, which indicated a continued slowdown in growth both in individual countries and regions, and in the global economy as a whole.

Best Deal of the Month

In October, I preferred currency pairs. If we talk about the best deal of the month, it is the sale of the pound / dollar pair on October 8. The decision was made based on both technical and fundamental analysis. The fall of the British pound began after the harsh statements of the European authorities on Brexit. Brussels said it would not allow the country to leave the European Union at any cost. The trade order was closed by take profit. Profit size – $ 128.

By the way, last month I first became interested in the Polish zloty and opened a buy deal on the USDPLN pair. The profit on it was $ 70.

But the worst deal of the month was the purchase of EURUSD on the last day of September based on the results of the technical analysis. However, the market unexpectedly reacted violently to seemingly secondary statistics on the eurozone. And the European currency began to fall. The order was closed on October 1st with a loss of $ 150.

My October Trade Statement: